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Fire Victim Needs Help Urgently!!!!

202 N Wellwood Avenue House Fire
Wellwood Ave FireThe young girl who survived The New Year’s Day fire on North Wellwood Avenue and John Street needs our help. She was left with nothing and had no rental insurance. She is very tiny wears a size 0 or an extra extra small. She needs everything. Good winter clothes, shoes (7 1/2 ) toiletries cosmetics, pocketbook, Cash and gift cards. She is from Lindenhurst.
She just graduated college and has no job. She is the sweetest thing. I know We can count on Lindenhurst to Help This Girl.
The Lindenhurst Gazette will be a Drop Off Point on Sunday between 2 & 4 PM,  additional Times will be posted on  on Sunday.   Our Offices are Located at 145 E. Sunrise Highway. Directly Across from the Car Wash. Our office is on the 2nd Floor. You can call if you need someone to help with packages. Office No. is 631 412-3940

Thank You Carolyn  Mormino For Contact Us. Those of you who Know Carolyn can inbox her on Facebook.

Thank you!


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